About “My Freedom Day”



We are happy to have partnered with the CNN Freedom Project for #MyFreedomDay on March 14, 2017. Throughout this day, students around the world took part in activities within their schools and communities, to raise awareness about human trafficking. They were asked to celebrate freedom and speak up for those who are unable to. As a student, it didn’t matter what you did, as long as you did something!

What does freedom mean to you? We take it for granted while others can only dream of it. This is what #MyFreedomDay highlighted.


We hosted a student panel in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 14, 2017, from 6 pm-8 pm, so that the youth were able to express themselves about freedom, and how they felt they could contribute to creating a world without human trafficking – or modern-day slavery. The event was open to the public (entrance required a Youth Underground T-shirt)* and took place at the following venue:

Centre des Arts Auditorium
International School of Geneva
Route de Chêne 62
1208 Geneva, Switzerland



Background documents:

My Freedom Day Overview
One-pager for Students
Poster of Event
Press Release

*see below for purchase details.


Featuring on CNN & YU’s social media

Those interested in sharing their thoughts about freedom in a short video were asked to follow the 3 steps below!


Step 1. The Youth Underground T-shirt

Wearing a Youth Underground T-shirt:

1.  Order your T-shirt online here (choose color, size & quantity, and send us your delivery address).
2.  Make your payment by clicking here, with the word “T-shirt” on your billing form.

Step 2. Video requirements

  1.  Wear the Youth Underground T-shirt
  2.  Take a 5-30 second (max) cell phone video of a yourself alone (not in a group)
  3.  The phone should be held vertically
  4.  And say the following:
  • My name is … (first name only)
  • I am … (your age)
  • Freedom to me means …

Step 3. Send your video
to info@youth-underground.com
That’s it! 


Featuring on CNN

To view the CNN segment on Youth Underground and listen to students speak about freedom and human trafficking, click here.

A big thank you to all those who made this event a success!