Can we eliminate human trafficking?


Eradicate HTa

Youth Underground is the largest global youth anti-trafficking platform. Our objective is to integrate the youth community into the solution of ending this illicit trade, through their creativity and own ideas. While aiming to contribute to putting an end to human trafficking altogether, Youth Underground emphasizes the role of the youth and puts their actions in the front and center of anti-trafficking efforts. We hope that youth voices worldwide will convince all sectors to take action against this illicit trade and be part of the solution — youth groups, schools and universities, mainstream and social media, the entertainment industry, businesses, and beyond.

With the global reach and connections enjoyed by the youth today, any assistance provided is limitless. Moreover, if more than one group takes a stand against human trafficking and uses its available resources and networks to spread awareness to its peers and communities, it creates a multiplier effect. It is this multiplier effect that promotes cooperation from others and increases overall anti-trafficking efforts, since the message is distributed widely.

Although much has been achieved over the years, there is a lot more that still needs to be done. Human trafficking is a complex phenomenon and any solutions will require several methods of intervention. Restoring the dignity of trafficked victims and ensuring they receive justice must be central to any anti-trafficking programs. Human trafficking is a global problem which demands global solutions and requires all sectors of the community to work together with each other to support, and enrich, each other’s initiatives. It is only when a strong link between all sectors of society has been established that human trafficking can finally be eliminated. And it will be!