We adults often have the arrogance of thinking the youth need us to translate their thoughts about human rights issues happening in our world today. But in actual fact, the youth, including children below their teens, are not only aware but have their own opinion about these issues. We need to take a step back, listen and learn. There is no age limit to education and this is what our campaign is all about.

– Rasha Hammad, Founder & CEO


The campaign

On July 18, 2018, we joined hands with Swiss partners for a photo campaign on a total of 50 public transportation vehicles (“transports publics genevois” – tpg) in Geneva. The two-week campaign, leading up to World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, featured youth of all ages voicing their opinion about human trafficking. Our main objective was to highlight the fact that there is no age limit to education. The youth are not only well aware about events happening in our world today but have their own opinion about these issues. This is what we wanted to showcase.

The age group of the youth involved in this campaign ranged from eight to 21 years. Each poster included a personal quote and a separate statistic about human trafficking. We combined both French and English to reach a wider audience. With Geneva being the hub of international organizations and home to a large foreign community, engaging public transportation vehicles to convey educational message was the correct medium.

Human trafficking is a covert trade. The youth are passionate about what they feel is insufficient attention to a severe human rights violation. Their quotes were a wake-up call to complacent adults, in particular, by bringing this hush-hush crime to the surface and encouraging all ages to talk about it. In addition, the youth are not only the primary targets of human trafficking – with some as young as four years old – but are also today’s change makers. Education is essential to prompt their peers to protect themselves and protect others by learning to spot the signs of this illicit trade.


The participants

Click on the names for the pictures and posters (in alphabetical order):

1.   David
2.   Iris
3.   Joshua
4.   Kanza
5.   Leana
6.   Leandro
7.   Mia
8.   Nikita
9.   Noah
10. Talya
11. Thaïs
12. Thalia



The photographer
Born in 1964, Pierre Bouvier (portrait taken by Aline Kundigobtained his degree in Architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (EPFZ). While pursuing his practice – and with a refined versatility so very characteristic of him – Pierre joined the professions of master builder, licensed restaurateur, wine producer, hotelier and interior designer! However, over the years, he realized with a degree of amazement that he had always been a photographer, cultivating a secret garden whose door was pushed open by “caring friends”, leading to a first photography exhibition in 2016. At ease in both the studio and travel settings, Pierre seeks the line, the sketch, and the substance in faces, bodies and landscapes. He finds and embraces character in elements shaded by the naked eye, with conviction, humanity and a sharp-witted sense of humor!

Notre photographe (bio en français)



The venue

The photo shoot for our public transportation campaign took place in Bursins, Switzerland, at Château Le Rosey – property belonging to Pierre Bouvier… Yes, our photographer! We could not have had a more idealic Swiss countryside venue! Check out some of our behind-the-scenes photos below. A glimpse of the action!


Press Releases
Click on titles:

•  « Ma voix contre la traite des êtres humains » : Les jeunes s’engagent sur une campagne TPG
•  “My Voice Against Human Trafficking”: Engaging the Youth on Public Transportation


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