I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.
— Mother Theresa

Children and young people are empowered when they know the facts about human trafficking and feel free to join conversations about empowerment, prevention and protection. And social media is where they youth express themselves best – their concerns, their interests, their opinions, their creativity, and whatever they have to say in their own words. How important are the youth in speaking up and shaping our world? What is the world they envisage or would like to live in? What can they do about it? This is what we try to underline.


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Check out our short films about about human trafficking, including what youth have to say about different aspects of what they see and think about creating change. We also have survivor stories in their own words. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the ‘notifications’ bell to see videos as they are posted. And feel free to share these video far and wide!



Facebook is where we share your stories. If you would like us to feature your project, contact us via Facebook messenger or send us an email at info@youth-underground.com. We are always interested to hear what is important to you wherever you may be in the world! Facebook is also where we go into more detail about various facts, figures and breaking stories.




Tune in to Twitter and join our conversation! We reply or RT what is of interest to us and share links that we feel touch the youth in one way or another. If you would like us to share a story or a project, please feel free to let us know!





Our Instagram has a different theme every day. The ideas and formats came from the youth themselves – led by Kanza El-Diwany – which we found awesome! This is how it works:




An image by an Artist to start off the week with color, dreams, and optimism. The themes vary but will always involve a message of hope. We were pleased to have had Alyâa Kamel as our first artist to create artwork especially for us!




We first began this series by introducing our team. Today, we share our philosophy, why we focus on youth education to prevent human trafficking, and what we are trying to achieve as an Organization.




A picture of a person from any region in the world, wearing our fair-trade T-shirt. Here, we explain the meaning of fair trade, the T-shirt as a “call to action” and the importance of slavery-free products.




A shoutout to a person, an Organization, or a cause we feel is making a difference for the better – or we simply share ideas and messages we feel are important. #YME corresponds to “Why Me?” Why does this relate to me and what can I do about it?




Statistics, facts and figures about human trafficking. Our sources are essentially the United Nations and its agencies.




Short videos to raise awareness about human trafficking – including survivor stories – or to share information about a project we are working on. You can also find these on our YouTube channel many of which feature our awesome video guru, Gulmohar Ahluwalia.




Sundays have, in many ways, become the highlight of our Instagram week. We share real testimonials by survivors of human trafficking. These are posted AS THEY ARE TOLD OR SHARED WITH US without any editing on our part. We use this day to listen and learn. The content may be considered raw and graphic. No sugarcoating here! But this is important for people – especially the youth – to understand what human trafficking is.




#YU… Why you?
Because you have a voice
and change is in your hands.​