Capturing human trafficking on film

This short film is a joint Youth Underground-Not My Life production. Some of the images and language are graphic, but this is the reality of human trafficking, with an intended focus on youth testimonials. The appearance of adults was minimized unless we felt they brought meaning to the story-line and credibility to the film. All survivors, traffickers, persons, images and footage in the film are real. This is what sets it apart from what we usually see about human trafficking.

This film was produced in partnership with the U.S.-based Not My Life team and Worldwide Documentaries. The idea behind it was to capture what high school students had to say about human trafficking – what they knew, what they did not and ultimately, what they felt they, as today’s social media generation and tomorrow’s future, could do to raise awareness about this crime and how they could contribute to ending it. The students featured in this film were from the International School of Geneva, Switzerland.

This film is part of Youth Underground’s education and prevention projects in schools throughout Switzerland and beyond. With its strong international base and United Nations community, we felt Geneva was an interesting area to begin. The knowledge about human trafficking expressed by these students was impressive. Our hope is that peer-to-peer exchanges and images will touch a chord with all youth throughout the world.


Youth voices against human trafficking

Photo credits: Pierre Bouvier, Row 1 / Nicholas Peart, Row 2  © Youth Underground 

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