The Trafficking Dispatch


“We are firm believers that we need to stop treating youth as the ‘leaders of the future’ and let them be the leaders that they already are.”

– Victoria, Founder & Host


The Trafficking Dispatch  (TTD) is run by an amazing young group of students based in Indiana, USA, focusing on educating and empowering young people to help put an end to human trafficking. So our missions are very much aligned! Our partnership with TTD  means their sharing and publishing information about Youth Underground every two weeks, towards the end of each podcast. These podcasts are then shared on our social media (see links below to listen to the series). Podcasts are discussed beforehand but the content and ideas will come from TTD members themselves. This is really putting information and objectives into action!


Quick Facts about the Podcast

  • Victoria began planning the podcast in the summer of 2017. It officially debuted on August 20, 2017 at 5pm. More here.
  • TTD currently reached listeners in over 56 countries throughout the world.
  • The ages of the podcast members range from 17-23.



The Trafficking Dispatch Team

Victoria Erdel, Founder & Host: 20 years old, a junior and Sociology major and TESOL minor at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA). First learned about human trafficking when she was 8 after she read Leyla: The Black Tulip, a book set back in the 1700s. However, she wasn’t aware that it was still happening today until she was 13. Interned at the Asian office of Starfish Project when she was 19 to gain a real-world understanding of anti-trafficking work. Has delivered lectures on human trafficking at various colleges and churches in her area, and formally researches the issue through the International Scholars Program at her university.

Emily Wang, Host: 17 years old, a high school senior at a boarding school in Massachusetts, although she is from Beijing, China. Met Victoria last summer because they were both interns at Starfish Project’s Asian headquarters. Was first exposed to the issue of human trafficking during her internship at Starfish Project. Contributes to the podcast with her creative marketing ideas.

Ariel Niforatos, Host: Junior studying Biology and Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. Met Victoria in a human trafficking class they both took last semester. Was first exposed to the issue of human trafficking when she learned that sex trafficking is very prevalent in her home state of New Mexico. Her first episode will air on February 25.

Anna Erdel, Publicist: 23 years old, currently the Childcare Development Coordinator at Casa Adalia, an anti-trafficking shelter in Quito, Ecuador. Anna is Victoria’s older sister, and was inspired to pursue her current work in Ecuador after witnessing her sister go to China. She realized that if Victoria could fight trafficking in China, a country she had never been to before, then she could do the same in their country of heritage, Ecuador. First learned about human trafficking when students on her college campus kept talking about the End It Movement. Helps manage the podcast’s social media accounts.

Sydney Schneider, Editor: Junior and Theology and History major at the University of Notre Dame. Joined the team because she wanted to help her friend Victoria spread the word about human trafficking, an issue that she is also deeply interested in and troubled by. Became invested in the issue of human trafficking after interning at a policy organization in her home state, Michigan. Helps proofread scripts and other podcast documents.

Click here for more information about the TTD team. 


Tune into the Podcasts

Season 2, E10: Ending the Silence – Survivor Speaks Out (season finale) / Interview with survivor Jerome Elam with YU featuring at 20:28.
Season 2, E9: Cross-cultural Skill-building – Interview with an Advocate in Ecuador
(15.27) YU’s work with the Global Welfare Association (GLOWA) in Cameroon to provide educational empowerment opportunities for orphans, previously trafficked children, and other vulnerable youth.
Season 2, E8: Art for Anti-Trafficking Advocacy – Interview with a Visual Artist
 / (15.50) partnership with Alyâa Kamel, an artist who illustrates the hardships, but most importantly, the hope that we have in this fight against human trafficking.
Season 2, E7: Tune into “Turn Out” – Interview with a Young Filmmaker and Advocate / (12.50) Collaboration/partnership between YU and “Not My Life”
Season 2, E6: Recovering Stolen Dreams – Interview with a Young Advocate from the UK / (09.10) YU and the Internet
Season 2, E5: Anti-Trafficking Platforms and Partnerships – Interview with Pageant Titleholder / (14:10) YU and our Partnership with CNN for #MyFreedomDay 2017
Season 2, E4: Average Advocates Fighting Human Trafficking – Interview with the LBD.Project Founder / (14:30) Introducing YU and our Fair Trade T-shirt
Season 2, E3From Paralysis to Action – Interview with a Singer-Songwriter
Season 2, E2: Confronting the Backpage Outrage – Interview with an Anti-trafficking Lawyer
Season 2, E1: New Season, New Resolutions 
Season 1