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My resolutions glow in the dark no matter what. © Alyâa Kamel for Youth Underground 2017.

The story behind #Art4YU

We are extremely fortunate to have international Swiss-based artist and humanist Alyâa Kamel share an image every Monday on our social media as #MondayMotivation & #Art4YU. A great way to start the week! The response to Alyâa’s work has been fantastic – no surprise! – which is why we wanted to compile her artwork for us in an accessible manner and encourage her supporters to check out her links and contact details, directly. If you would like to purchase any of her images, see Alyâa’s Art Gallery for YU under “Links to Alyâa” below.


It only needs one seed, for disagreement and suffering to grow. It only needs misplaced gestures and repressed instincts of fear and despair, for blasphemy and pain to be born. It only needs useless words in articulate bodies for them to forever vanish in the limbo of ignorance. It only needs one to say ‘enough’ once and for all, for hope to finally come back! 
– Alyâa Kamel


Alyâa’s artwork is a reflection of humanity, of men, women and children, either alone or as a crowd – the constant evolution of our identity in a world tormented by our thoughts. The existential questioning of who we are and what we believe in, want and desire. Alyâa works with very small sizes to large panels on both paper and canvas, using acrylics and other media. Her drawings are ink and watercolors, and recently began creations using the iPad. Alyâa’s artwork is also philosophical. One must go beyond the shapes to understand it. Last but not least, Alyâa’s artwork is easy to relate to by people of all ages. It has sensitivity, color, sharpness and a witty sense of humor!

Alyaa Portrait

Tune in to this incredible artist’s work for YU, every Monday on all our social media!


Links to Alyâa

Alyâa’s Art Gallery for YU