Our mission is to prevent human trafficking through youth education, awareness-raising, and advocacy. Our approach is to focus on education by encouraging youth voices to share what they learn, be aware of what this illicit trade is all about, and generate an “echo” worldwide. Youth education is where the prevention of human trafficking begins and this is at the core of all our work. Our activities include:

  • Raising awareness about human trafficking in a manner that the youth can understand, and investing in programs that sensitize and benefit the youth and people of all ages;
  • Promoting youth initiatives and activities that contribute to combating human trafficking;
  • Engaging the youth in developing activities, discussions and tools that contribute to combating human trafficking;
  • Acknowledging and communicating worldwide, positive youth initiatives that contribute to combating human trafficking.

We carry out these activities by organizing youth events and linking them with the relevant associations — organizing youth conferences, closed workshops, and public events.

Our value-added includes:

  1. 20+ years’ experience with humanitarian associations;
  2. A large network of key associations, companies and the media; and
  3. Strong social media expertise and reach.

We have two types of contributors:

  1. Individual contributors, including the youth, through their time, creativity, ideas, support and actions; and
  2. Private and institutional donors, who help us back this youth community.


Youth Underground is a trademarked Swiss Nonprofit Association formed in accordance with articles 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code, representing the voice of the youth for a world without human trafficking. It is a global education, information-sharing and advocacy platform, a knowledge and youth hub, to showcase initiatives against human trafficking by the youth, as advocates of change and defenders of human rights across age and frontier. Through youth education about human trafficking, Youth Underground is a sounding board and a safe space for the youth to express themselves, speak out freely about human trafficking, share  information they learn as well as news and campaigns from their regions of the world.

Why do we focus on the youth? Because they are not only the prime victims of human trafficking but are also those who speak out against this illicit trade and influence their peers as well as adults, namely teachers and parents.

Why do we focus on education? Because this is where the prevention of human trafficking begins.

What is the importance of a safe space? It provides children and young people with a platform to share personal information about abuse, assault and potential trafficking if they are afraid and feel unable to trust their immediate circles – whether at home or at schools/universities. They need to know that speaking up will help others without compromising their own safety. All conversations are respected and confidential.

Today, child slavery is at an all-time high. An estimated 5.5 million children around the world are losing their childhood to human trafficking. The youth are victims of different types of trafficking from an early age (often as young as five years old), such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, as soldiers, as drug dealers, begging, and in forced marriages (child brides). But the youth are also activists and change-makers. This is not only a two-way learning experience but also an opportunity to hear what young people have to say, and take their thoughts and concerns on board.

While Youth Underground’s objective is to raise awareness about human trafficking in a manner that young people can understand, it is also intended for all ages to share correct information about human trafficking and to highlight the value of a human life. It is essential to shine a like on human trafficking and break down the barriers of taboo, so that this trade becomes part of the everyday narrative of people of all ages around the world.

Looking for a safe space to turn? A platform to share your concerns?
Seek advice? Find answers? Showcase what you’re doing? Volunteer?
Then Youth Underground is the right platform for YOU!

PDF Overviews:

What is Human Trafficking? What is Youth Underground? (English & French)